rates and reviews the leading providers of adult DVD rental services. Offering insight on what each company has to offer, available free trials, and our 5-star rating system. You'll be confident with your choice of companies after reading through our site.

Why Rent Porn DVDs Online?

You already use Netflix for mainstream movies; now get your porn fix with one of these porn rental companies. The features are the same; you simply add movies to your queue, they are discretely shipped to you in the mail. You watch the porno DVDs, send them back in a prepaid envelope and the next movie is sent out. No Late Fees, No Shipping Charges, and no more embarrassing visits to the video store. Think of these companies as Adult Versions of Netflix.

Quickly Compare the Top Adult DVD Rental Companies:

SugarDVD 36,000+ $9.95 Per Month 10 Days Free! More info 20 Minutes of Free
BushDVD 36,000+ $15.95 Per Month 14 Days Free! More info 10 Minutes Free VOD
Carries Blu-Ray
URentDVDs 17,000+ $19.99 Per Month 15 Days Free! More info Free DVD Every
3 Months
WantedList 30,000+ $17.95 Per Month 10 Days Free! More info Large VOD
XRentDVD 49,000 $14.99 Per Month 1 Free Rental! More info Rentals as low
as $0.99!

Sugar DVD

When it comes to adult dvd rentals, Sugar DVD is the Rolls Royce of them all. An amazing selection of over 35,000 xxx DVDs in a huge variety of niches. You'll find not only the hottest new releases, but plenty of time-tested classics and undiscovered gems. Being discreet is one of their top priorities as they'll send you your selection in an innocuous envelope. With a variety of plans to meet your budget, they also offer up a nice 10 day free trial for new members to give you the chance to see what they can offer. And if you just can't wait for that DVD to arrive in the mail, they have a sweet VOD section to tide you over too.

Thumbs Up: Huge movie selection, VOD, sex toy store, multiple distribution centers, low cost plans.
Thumbs Down: Short free trial period.


Bush DVD

Through the years, Bush DVD has grown to become one of the best adult dvd rental sites around today. They've got a simple interface that just works. Their library of titles matches up with just about anyone in the industry and they've recently added hundreds of Blu-Ray titles to the site. Not only can you sign up for an unlimited plan, but you can rent per title for as low as $1.49. Throw in their Video on Demand service, a sex toy shop, and the ability to buy the DVDs they are selling and you have one hell of a setup. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to see what we're talking about.

Thumbs Up: Blu-Ray titles, fash shipping, VOD, sex toy store, 14-day free trial.
Thumbs Down: Boring interface


Urent DVDs

URendDVD is one of the oldest and most respected porn rental service around. With years of experience under their belt, they've mastered many of the nuances of the rental industry. Their DVD choices are vast and not only cover the major niches, but also a lot of rare ones as well. The interface is easy to use and you'll find the user reviews of each movie to be helpful in your selections. They also reward long-time members by letting you keep a free DVD for every 3 months you've been a member. Their 15-day free trial is the longest in the industry and helps make up for the fact that they don't offer many smaller plans.

Thumbs Up: Long free trial, big library of movies, and easy-to-use interface.
Thumbs Down: Don't offer small plans and not much of a discount on the large ones.


Wanted List

Wanted List has been a staple in the xxx movie rental business for years. They've got one of the largest selections of movies out there and a 10-day trial period to check things out. Over the years they have intertwined their VOD section with their DVD section. You can combine the two plans and get DVDs sent to your home to watch on the big screen along with unlimited video on demand with the click of a mouse. Sort of covers all the bases. Their VOD system works with your iPhone as well. Our only gripe has been that they've had some customer service issues in the past that have been brought to our attention and do not always have the most popular movies in stock.

Thumbs Up: VOD/DVD combined plans, 30000 titles, easy to search interface.
Thumbs Down: Slow delivery times, tough to contact customer support.



For longevity, no one likely ranks up their with XRent. They've been at the game of selling and renting movies for a long time. They are a no frills service that gets you want you want without too many bells and whistles. Currently there is no free trial for rental packages which is a bummer if you're a little unsure about using them. But they do have an enormous selection of movies and allow individuals to rent one at a time or go on an unlimited plan for a monthly fee. DVD sales is also their forte and you can find some of the best prices out there if you're into expanding your own library of movies. A solid choice that won't quite give all the extras you might find at some other companies.

Thumbs Up: Close to 50,000 titles, reliable shipping times.
Thumbs Down: No free trial, no VOD.